120 Day Plan

Unlock Your Startup Potential with Our 120 Day Plan!

Embark on a transformative journey for your startup with our 120-Day Plan. With a curated selection of courses, e-books, and resources, we provide comprehensive coverage of crucial business topics to set your venture on the path to success.

Course Offerings


  • Accounting 101 for Startups - Get to grips with the basics of business accounting.
  • Mastering QuickBooks for Startups - Learn how to manage your finances using QuickBooks.

Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Essentials for Startups - Understand the digital channels that will amplify your brand.
  • SEO for Startups - Learn the best practices to improve your online visibility.

Business Structures

  • Choosing the Right Business Structure - Evaluate the pros and cons of different business structures.


  • Introduction to E-Commerce - Learn the ropes of online selling.
  • Advanced E-Commerce Strategies - Optimize your e-commerce business for long-term growth.

Business Insurance

  • Insurance Fundamentals for Startups - Navigate the complexities of business insurance.


  • Telecommunication Solutions for Businesses - Leverage communication technologies for operational efficiency.
  • Unlocking the Potential for Startups with RingCentral Telecommunication - Discover how to optimize your startup's communication and collaboration using RingCentral's all-in-one solutions.
  • This new addition will show potential enrollees that your platform not only covers the basics but also focuses on advanced, specialized solutions that startups can use to improve their operations. RingCentral is a well-known name in the telecommunication industry, and featuring a course that dives deep into its capabilities can add significant value to your 120-Day Plan program.


  • QuickBooks for Startups - Master the accounting software that will simplify your business financials.

Business Plan Development

  • Creating a Bulletproof Business Plan - Build a business plan that investors will love.

State, Local and Federal Contracting

  • Winning Government Contracts - A guide for startups to win State, Local, and Federal Contracts.

Business Funding

  • Funding Your Startup: A Comprehensive Guide - From venture capital to loans, explore all your options.

E-Books for Sale

  • "Startup Accounting Made Easy"
  • "Digital Marketing Decoded"
  • "E-Commerce: The Startup Guide"
  • "QuickBooks: The Ultimate Guide"
  • "The Art of Crafting a Business Plan"
  • "Government Contracting for Startups"
  • "Your Guide to Business Funding"
  •  Unlocking the Potential with RingCentral