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Unlocking the Secrets to Startup Success: Real Stories, Real Lessons


Welcome to the Case Studies section of EWTECHEDU. As part of our ongoing commitment to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the best resources, we have put together a series of real-world case studies that dig deep into the world of startups. These case studies are practical extensions of our signature "120 Day Plan for Startups" course and our comprehensive ebook library.

Video Podcasts:

Our video podcasts bring these case studies to life, featuring interviews with startup founders, industry experts, and EWTECHEDU alums. The topics range from financial planning, digital marketing, choosing the right business structure, and other crucial aspects of launching and running a startup.

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The Ebooks:

Complement your learning by diving into our ebooks:

  1. The Entrepreneur's RoadMap: A Guide to Building A Profitable Business
  2. Published on June 26, 2023, this ebook offers a comprehensive guide to startup profitability.
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  4. The Entrepreneur's Guide to Business Structures: How to Choose the Right One for Your Launch
  5. Released on June 4, 2023, this guide will help you understand the various business structures and how to choose the best one for your startup.
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120 Day Plan Course:

Our case studies are intricately connected to our "120 Day Plan for Startups" course modules. Each case study discusses the practical applications of principles taught in the course, providing you with real-world context to the theories and strategies discussed.

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Why Choose EWTECHEDU Case Studies?

  • Real-World Application: Understand the practical implications of every decision you make in your startup journey.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Our case studies, ebooks, and courses are designed to work together, offering a holistic educational experience.
  • Community Support: Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and get ongoing support as you work through these case studies and other course materials.

120 Day Plan : Startup Case Study


From Jerk to Gentleman: Startups Reinventing Ethics

Business Ethics in the Startup World: The Transformation Journey

In an environment often driven by profit and speed, the importance of ethics can sometimes take a backseat. That's why we've introduced a captivating Amazon Vella series, "From Jerk to Gentleman: Startups Reinventing Ethics." This series is an exploration of startups that commenced their journey on shaky ethical ground—be it through unfair trade practices, overcharging customers, or exploiting loopholes for personal gains.


What to Expect:

Each episode in this series is a case study, examining how these businesses went from being industry pariahs to becoming leaders in ethical business practices. The journey is fascinating, riddled with lessons learned the hard way, reformed business models, and the reinvention of an ethical business ethos.

Read Now: Episode 1 - Bob the Auto Mechanic - The Deceitful Price Manipulator

Why This Series Matters:

  • Learning from Mistakes: This series dissects the reasons behind ethical failures and how they were transformed into valuable lessons.
  • Elevating Business Ethics: Each case study serves as an inspirational tale, encouraging other startups to take the high road from the beginning.
  • Actionable Insights: Along with the storytelling, each episode provides actionable recommendations for implementing ethical practices in your own business.

>This series complements our ebooks and the "120 Day Plan for Startups" course modules, providing a well-rounded ethical foundation for aspiring entrepreneurs. It's not just about making money; it's about making money the right way.

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>Dive into these gripping stories and learn how to become not just a successful entrepreneur but an ethically responsible one as well.


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