Senior Subject Matter Expert

Jermaine Eric Whiteside

Jermaine Eric Whiteside is an accomplished author and visionary who is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. He has founded several organizations that drive positive social and economic development, including Anointed Connect Church, Inc., Palmetto Leadership Institute, Reinvest Carolina Inc., and IAM Global Imports LTD. His real-world experience in leadership and executive education, combined with his education from top institutions such as Duke Fuqua School of Business, Harvard Executive Education, Columbia Graduate School of Business, and MIT Executive Education, has given him a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Whiteside's publications are more than just informative literature; they embody his commitment to creating real-world impact. His books provide innovative solutions and recommendations for future action to drive positive change globally, particularly in the Caribbean region. For example, his latest book, "Empowering The Caribbean Islands: The Role of Imports for Social Impact," explores how imports promote social and economic development.

In addition to his publications, Whiteside's work with his organizations has been instrumental in driving positive change in communities. His commitment to social impact, healthy lifestyles, technology integration, and faith-based planning has led to the establishment of the Anointed Theological Seminary. This comprehensive educational institution embodies his vision for the next generation of leaders.

Whiteside's books are essential for anyone interested in economic and social development, faith-based social impact planning, technology integration, and entrepreneurship. They serve as a guide for those committed to making a positive impact and supporting their real-world initiatives. Overall, Whiteside's work is a testament to his passion and commitment to improving lives and creating a better world.